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Choeng Wun Buffet, the classic family KBBQ, is now selling packaged marinated beef, short ribs, and pork during the coronavirus quarantine. This package comes with sides of lettuce, green onion salad, pepper, garlic, and bean paste sauce along side our authentic flavored ready to cook meat of your choice. Dining-in is still closed due the Mayor's executive order, but we appreciate your understanding and business during these times.


Our restaurant for take-out opens 12 noon to 5 pm. 


To order of if you have any further questions, please contact 323-465-4132 or 213-948-4595.



Traditional Korean Meats


LA BBQ Short Ribs (Gal-bi)

Beef Brisket Point (Chadol-baegee)

Boneless Short Rib (Galbi-sal)

Sliced Pork Belly (Samgyeop-sal)

Marinated Prime Sirloin (Bul-gogi)

Beef Tongue 

Spicy BBQ Pork (Dwaeji-bulgogi)

Honey Comb Tripe

Marrow Gut 

Beef Liver

Beef Kidney

Beef Heart

Beef Belly 

Spicy Chicken

BBQ Chicken

Chicken Gizzard 

Spicy Squid

Spicy Baby Octopus

Mackeral Pike

Traditional Korean Sides


Mixed Noodles w/ Vegetable (Japchae)


 Traditional Seaweed Roll (Kimbahp)

Fried Rice

Steamed Tofu

Sesame Honey Chicken Wings (Dakgangjeong)

Tempura Fried Vegetables

  Bean Sprouts (Kong-namul)

 Green Bean Jello (Cheongpomuk-muchim)

Soy Bean Sprout


Green peppers 

Seasoned Spinich


Spicy Lettuce (Sangchu-geotjeori)



Kimchi in Cold Soup

Traditional Korean Soups


Beef Seaweed Soup (Miyuk-gook)

Fermented Soy Bean Paste Stew (Doenjang-Jjigae)

Red Bean Porridge (Pat-jook)

Pumpkin Porridge (Ho-Bak Jook)

Also available


Cold Korean Noodles (Naeng-myeon)

Homemade Rice Drink (Sikhye)

Steamed White Rice

Steamed Multi-Grain Rice

Salad and Fruit Bar

Lunch Prices (11:30 PM-2:30 PM, Monday-Friday)
Adults (11+) - $28.99
Kids (4-10) - $12.99
Limited Menu - $20.99
Dinner Prices (2:30 PM-10:30 PM, applies All Day Holiday and Weekends) 
Adults (11+) - $32.99
Kids (4-10) - $14.99
Limited Menu - $22.99

*If you'd like to choose the limited menu, please let us know when you're seated. Otherwise, the regular price will be charged.

**If there is excessive leftovers, there is an $8 minimum charge depending on how much food is wasted.

Try the Sesame Honey Chicken Wings everyone loves!

Or another favorite, Japchae

Don't forget your veggies! Koreans like to wrap the meat with some lettuce and pepper sauce (Ssam)





             Serving local families for over 30 years, Choeng Wun Buffet is known to many residents of Koreantown for its family-friendly atmosphere and as the first all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant in Koreatown. For over three generations, our family has been operating Choeng Wun Buffet with the belief that food brings families together, including our own. Whenever our family gathers, we like to lay out all the food because we all have different tastes and some of us like to eat more than others. Choice and convenience are important to us and that is why we offer a wide variety of traditional Korean meats, sides, soups, and drinks. 

            At Choeng Wun Buffet, you can not only eat an unlimited amount of a variety of traditional Korean dishes but also authentic Korean cuisine. Our foods are hand-prepared and all the recipes for the marinade and the sides have been passed down our family from generation to generation. When you leave Choeng Wun Buffet, you'll be both satisfied with the food and full from eating too much (we know this from personal experience). 



944 N Western Ave. 
Los Angeles, CA 90029  
Monday - Sunday, 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
Kitchen closes at 9:30 pm 
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(323) 465-7590
Email: choengwun@gmail.com